Overcoming Obstacles Handbooks

Anti-Bullying Handbook: Creating a Positive Environment in the Classroom and Beyond


The Overcoming Obstacles Anti-Bullying Handbook: Creating a Positive Environment in the Classroom and Beyond helps students identify the different forms that bullying takes at school, in their daily lives, and over the internet, and provides realistic strategies for taking a stand against bullying and creating a safe and supportive school community. The handbook contains over 20 hours of instruction on six important topics, including helping victims, dealing with violence, and cyberbullying solutions. Students learn to use core skills such as communication, decision making, and goal setting to address this pervasive issue.


Service Learning Handbook


The Overcoming Obstacles Service Learning Handbook guides students and teachers through the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating meaningful service learning projects in their communities. It contains a comprehensive teacher's guide, engaging lesson plans, and reproducible activity sheets. The handbook helps create an environment where students learn valuable skills and explore issues affecting their communities.


​Back-to-School Orientation Handbook


The Overcoming Obstacles Back-to-School Orientation Handbook contains a collection of activities aimed at helping students learn more about their classmates, build self-esteem, develop personal management skills, and understand the importance of teamwork. The activities are intended for use with a group of students who are just becoming acquainted with each other. Designed for maximum flexibility, these activities require few or no materials.