About the Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program

We created the Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program to bring life skills instruction to every young person in the country. Overcoming Obstacles—which is available for free nationwide—gives all educators the tools they need to teach over 20 critical skills to their middle school and high school students. Through it, students learn skills like communicating effectively, making sound decisions, setting and achieving goals, and resolving conflicts. High school students also research scholarship and job opportunities, discuss job and career readiness, develop financial responsibility, prepare for job interviews, and develop on-the-job skills.

The Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Program provides free access to:

  • Middle school and high school curricula
  • Over 500 activities and 180 hours of instruction
  • Pacing plans
  • Standards alignments
  • Bullying prevention lessons
  • Additional activities

Overcoming Obstacles changes lives. Students say that the program has resulted in fewer incidents of bullying and a higher sense of self-esteem. Educators who use the program report improved school environments, stronger academic achievement, and better readiness for college and the workforce. In 2013, the National Dropout Prevention Center presented Overcoming Obstacles with a Crystal Star Award for its success in reducing dropout rates across the country.

For more information about Overcoming Obstacles, please visit our contact page or call (212) 406-7488.