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Overcoming Obstacles is an award-winning K-12 life skills curriculum available for free to educators worldwide. Download all of our materials today in our free digital library–no registration required.

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What is Overcoming Obstacles?

Overcoming Obstacles is the nonprofit publisher of free, award-winning K-12 life skills curricula. Since 1992, over 300,000 educators from around the world have taught the curricula to more than 70 million students.

Kindergarten through Second Grade

Lessons on fairness, listening, coping skills, self-control, respect, integrity, and more!



Lessons on empathy, integrity, perseverance, respect, and more!


Middle School

Modules on skills such as communicating effectively, making decisions, setting goals, studying effectively, resolving conflicts, and more!


High School

In addition to goal setting, communicating effectively, and making decisions, the high school curriculum includes modules on college readiness, on-the-job skills, developing a positive work ethic, and managing your life.



Download all of our materials—including individual lessons, training guides, translations, and more—for free in our online library! No registration required.

“My Overcoming Obstacles” is our unique online platform that gives you the ability to truly make Overcoming Obstacles your own. With our easy-to-use tools, you can customize every part of an Overcoming Obstacles lesson, down to each word.

Maybe you want to change a starter activity, so it ties into something unique about your school? Or perhaps you want to take one of our decision making lessons and align it with an historical event that your students are learning? Whatever you need, “My Overcoming Obstacles” is here for you to use however and whenever you want. It’s simple, intuitive, and—like all of our other resources—100% free.

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