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"Overcoming COVID-19"

Posted: May 11, 2020

By Orayne Williams, Social Worker & Former Overcoming Obstacles Student


It is said that 2020 means perfect vision,
But this 2020 came with a cataract.
A virus, paving its path with corpses;
The world mourns.

Unemployment rates have risen
Like red balloons, filled with helium, racing to the sky to signal to the world:

Yes we are in shock!
And anxiety dances freely
Making a mockery of our 2020 resolutions
But do not forget the skills life has taught us:

To be resilient because we have made it this far
But to brace ourselves for the hardest blow
Trusting that we will endure it and more.

Our children’s learning has been stunted.
And some families are struggling to keep groceries in their homes.
Businesses are closed, even the church doors.
This is indeed a quarantine.

But remember when we are out of control
Our greatest strength is our mind.
You are a walking library of Life Skills.
Anchor your strengths in the 2019 obstacles you hurdled.
Then, adjust your perspective and overcome COVID-19.

Orayne Williams is a former Overcoming Obstacles student, life skills advocate, and poet. He earned his Masters in Social Work at Fordham University and is a social worker for the Bronx Defenders in New York City.