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Overcoming Obstacles Digital Library

Posted: July 1, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles is proud to announce the launch of its online digital library – a new hub where you can access all of our award-winning materials for free without the need to create an account. That’s hundreds of lessons and materials that you can view, download, print, and share instantly without filling out any forms or providing any personal information about yourself.

Also launching is the “My Overcoming Obstacles” curriculum editing platform. This easy-to-use online tool gives you the ability to truly make Overcoming Obstacles your own by allowing you to customize every part of a lesson, down to each word. Maybe you want to change a starter activity, so it ties into something unique about your school? Or perhaps you want to take one of our decision-making lessons and align it with an historical event that your students are learning? Whatever you need, “My Overcoming Obstacles” is here for you to use however and whenever you want. It’s simple, intuitive, and—like all of our other resources—100% free.

In order to begin using the “My Overcoming Obstacles” platform and save any changes you make, you will need to create a free account. (Please note that an account is only required to access the “My Overcoming Obstacles” platform. You can view, download, and print all of our material – including our full K-12 curricula – in our free digital library without creating an account.)

If you have any questions about the Digital Library or "My Overcoming Obstacles" platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us at either [email protected] or by calling (212) 406-7488.