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Helping Students Deal With Criticism

Posted: February 1, 2019 | Category:

“Ew, your work looks dumb! My baby brother can do better than that,” says one student to another about her art project. This is the type of statement that can cause a student to lose motivation and give up on their assignment because they feel defeated and hurt. I’ve witnessed this before, and it can both damage and hinder a student’s personal growth. They might decide to shut down rather than have their work criticized by their classmates. And while disrespectful comments should never be tolerated in class and must always be addressed and reprimanded, they are not always avoidable outside of the classroom. How can we help our students deal with offensive remarks about their work or performance and still stay focused and motivated on their goals?

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Quick Toss

Posted: January 22, 2019 | Category:

In this activity from the Decision Making Module of the High School Level Curriculum, students discover what makes some decisions harder than others and learn that decisions are influenced by many factors. While generally taught after the lessons found in the Confidence Building Module, you can experience the magic of life skills education today by trying this activity with your students and seeing how engaged they become in their learning!

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What’s Wonderful About You?

Posted: January 17, 2019 | Category:

You’ve just begun a new semester.  If you aren’t already teaching life skills in your classroom, now is a great time to start!  Below is an extension activity from the Getting Started Module of our Middle School Level Curriculum.  Check it out!

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Life Shouldn’t Be This Way

Posted: January 15, 2019 | Category:

Growing up, I had no one with whom to speak about what was going on in my life and did not know how to express my feelings.  I had to do battle each and every day.  And I had scars, visible and invisible, like an animal that fights to survive.  There is one Overcoming Obstacles lesson that could have changed everything for me and I believe can in fact change our world.

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Posted: January 8, 2019 | Category:

By the end of the first marking period, the enthusiasm that my students brought with them at the beginning of the school year began to wane due to the stress and anxiety caused by pre-tests, exams, and the holiday season. Students were noticeably tenser during these last few weeks of the period, and I witnessed more arguments and altercations between them in the hallways and during classes.  To help my students achieve the goals they set in the beginning of the school year, this semester I am using Overcoming Obstacles lessons to strengthen my students’ abilities to cope with the challenges they are facing in pursuit of their goals.

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