Exploring Job Possibilities

Posted: May 22, 2018

Real world experience is essential for real-world success, and a summer job is a great way for your students to enter the workforce so they can start building their resumes and meet possible references for future employment.

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New and Updated Overcoming Obstacles Resources

Posted: May 17, 2018

At Overcoming Obstacles, we want to ensure that educators, parents, and community leaders have up-to-date resources to teach young people essential life skills. This past year, we developed a series of new materials and updated others to ensure that young people can learn how to communicate effectively, set meaningful goals, make sound decisions, think critically, cope with difficulties, and empathize with others.

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Posted: May 2, 2018

The stress taking a test can overwhelm even the most prepared student, and the level of their anxiety can increase significantly as they get closer to end-of-the-year testing.  But by teaching students how to manage their time, take effective notes, develop a positive attitude, and more, we can make certain that they have the skills necessary to ease their level of stress and approach each exam with confidence.

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Panoramas Para Padres e Hijos

Posted: April 25, 2018

Como padre, quiere asegurarse de que su hijo tenga una vida plena y feliz. Estos “panoramas” de aptitudes y habilidades para la vida le brindarán la oportunidad de participar más activamente en el crecimiento de su hijo y garantizar que él o ella esté aprendiendo las aptitudes y habilidades necesarias…

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How Life Skills Empowers Young People

Posted: April 19, 2018

I believe that the true effect homelessness has on the population it plagues is often misunderstood. Homelessness is not just the obvious idea of being without a physical home. It also encompasses other aspects, such as the breaking up of families, which silently dehumanize a person’s psyche. I know this is true because I once was homeless.

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