Teaching Our Children to Resolve Conflicts

Posted: January 13, 2021

It is imperative that we take the time to teach young people the conflict resolution skills they need to see their way out of a conflict in a safe and healthy way, especially in this time of quarantine and social distancing. What they don’t always realize is that conflict often consists of several stages. The Overcoming Obstacles “Stages of Conflict” activity sheet, found in the Resolving Conflicts Module of the High School curricula, provides a visual map of how a conflict can escalate. Teaching young people the different stages of conflict can empower them with the knowledge and skills to prevent a problem from escalating. In some unfortunate circumstances, conflicts can spiral out of control in just seconds. Having this activity sheet visually available in their home as well as at school can help students pause, take a deep breath, and garner some self-control before anger takes over.

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What’s Wonderful About You?

Posted: January 5, 2021

You’ve just begun a new semester. If you aren’t already teaching life skills in your classroom, now is a great time to start! Here is an extension activity from the Getting Started Module of our Middle School Level Curriculum. Check it out! If you and your students enjoy this, register for your free account at and dive in to the whole curriculum!

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Help Your Students Write Their Story

Posted: November 30, 2020

In this modern age, our children are no strangers to social media and other applications that connect them to a broader world. However, one of the most important connections they often overlook is the connection they must build with themselves. A crucial key to helping our children develop and enhance their cognitive skills is by encouraging them to write!

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The Base of the Learning Pyramid

Posted: November 18, 2020

As coronavirus cases continue to spike and we inch closer to a holiday season we may not be able to spend with our loved ones, I worry about how students are experiencing this pandemic and whether they were taught the skills they need to process and manage these difficult times. We know they are learning how to solve complex math problems and how to read and to write as a regular part of their school day, but what about coping strategies and stress management? What about the ability to persevere and pursue meaningful goals despite the hardships this year has thrown at us? It is more important than ever for our youth to learn these skills, making the need for required daily life skills instruction a must.

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What I Wish I Had Been Taught In School

Posted: October 27, 2020

When I reflect on elementary, middle, and high school, I remember that my teachers spent a large portion of time preparing us for the standardized state exams. While it’s important to do well on these tests to move on to the next grade, it is also crucial to remember the additional skills that students need to learn.

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