Activity-Based Curriculum

Give students the life skills they’re missing.

We want to believe that someone is teaching our children how to communicate effectively. How to make informed decisions – and set goals. But who?

The truth is, if kids don’t learn life skills in school, they may not learn them at all. And, we know that teachers may have limited time to teach students these important skills.

That’s why the Overcoming Obstacles’ curriculum was developed to be flexible enough to fit into everything from core content classes and advisory periods, after school and summer programs, guidance and counseling sessions, and college and career prep classes.

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Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Education Program was awarded the National Dropout Prevention Center’s 2013 Crystal Star Award of Excellence in Dropout Recovery, Intervention and Prevention.

How it works

The Overcoming Obstacles curriculum is organized into middle school and high school level programs, each beginning with the three fundamental skills on which all other skills can be built: communication, decision making, and goal setting. Both levels of the curriculum encompass a variety of individual skill modules that incorporate the same structure and organization.

Because of the modular format, educators can either choose to teach the curriculum from beginning to end, or select specific modules that best suit their individual classrooms. As such, the program benefits a wide range of students.


Communicating Effectively

Making Decisions

Setting Goals




Techniques for Addressing Bullying

Preparing for College and Career

Conflict Resolution

Problem Solving

Confidence Building

Time Management

Download Sample Lessons & Activities

See for yourself how easy to use and effective the Overcoming Obstacles curriculum is. Download one or all of the sample lessons or activities below.

Training Webinars

Through Overcoming Obstacles’ training webinars, educators are introduced to the program and its methodology. They also learn ways to better engage their students and how to use the curriculum to fit a variety of learning environments.

Learn how to put Overcoming Obstacles to work in the classroom and beyond.


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